My top 10 asian romance movies

I’m a sucker for great love stories, so I thought I would make a list of my top 10 asian romances, that I have watched over the years.



First on my list is this tearjerker, a love story between a rich girl and a carpenter and how a tragic illness tests their love to the limit. Although the story line is somewhat predictable, what makes this movie very enjoyable is the interaction between the couple. The scenes between them before the build-up to the climax were so sweet and made the inevitable tragedy when it did strike even more devastating.



A fantasy-comedy romance that tells the love story of a police officer and an innocent teacher. Although, this may sound like a straightforward plot line it is anything but. The first half of the story is quite funny and light-hearted. Her sarcastic personality and his innocent nature were quite well mismatched. If you have watched ‘My Sassy Girl’ then you might not be too surprised by the ending, but I haven’t yet…so it came as a complete shock to me. I loved this atypical romance story, which left me with a bittersweet feeling.


ImageEveryone at school fears Sawako, because she looks like the character from the Ring. But in reality she is a very shy girl, always willing to help others and wants nothing more than to make friends. Sawako’s life changes when Kazehaya, a popular boy takes notice of her and people start seeing her differently. Slowly, love blossoms between Kazehaya and Sawako and together they must overcome obstacles that stand in their way. Adapted from a manga, it tells a very light-hearted, sweet high school story that makes you feel all fluffy inside. Miura Haruma was the perfect Kazehaya!




Another melodramatic one (sorry!).  Takuma and Mayu have loved each other since they were children. She is the daughter of the doctor who treats Takuma for a heart condition. As they grow older, Takuma knows that his heart can stop at any moment and no longer wants to burden Mayu. He tries to push her away, but Mayu has already decided to support and love him no matter what. Will their love last? A story of first love and first heartbreaks that will keep you guessing till the end.




Set in the Josean Dynasty it tells the story of Ahn, a feisty detective who believes to have found the person behind a counterfeiting ring. Her trail leads her to the mysterious Sad Eyes. She become fascinated by him and must question her own feelings for someone she may have to put in jail. The beautiful scenery, accompanying music and sword plays were visually pleasing and proved that feelings do not always have to be conveyed by words. The movie is quite artistic and may not be to everyone’s taste, but will be great for anyone who enjoys visual entertainment.



 Mika and Hiro are high-school students who fall in love…but they have to overcome many obstacles in order to stay together. Out of the blue Hiro breaks up with Mika leaving her confused and heartbroken. I love the Japanese way of telling stories…and this movie does it so well. The relationship is so sweet and gentle, but at the same time quite powerful. The story has quite dramatic twists and turns that will make you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster ride. But if you are looking for something less light-hearted, this is a great movie.




A boy and girl meet on vacation to South Korea. Both their love lives are in shatters: she has a controlling boyfriend and he just got dumped from his girlfriend…so, they decide to tour Korea together without ever giving out their names to each other. A great love-comedy. I laughed out loud so many times and the little references to korean dramas were great. The two had great chemistry and were just such a young and fun couple…I wished I could have toured with them!


ImageJay joins University for piano studies and soon meets Rain, whom he instantly falls in love with. They start a relationship, but Jay soon finds out that Rain is not what she seems and has many secrets. And one day she disappears…I absolutely loved this story! It was so beautiful and the piano pieces so captivating. There was something magical about the whole atmosphere, and narrative almost like a fairytale. The twist was unexpected, although subtle hints were left throughout the movie. If you love music, you will enjoy this one!




The classic tells a love story of two generations, of mother and daughter and how fate intertwines their lives with each other through time. The mother’s innocent romance in scenic village surroundings in the 1960s and the modern love story of the daughter, who falls in love with a University student, were both wonderful to watch. The back and forth bouncing between the times leaves you with a sense of nostalgia as well as with hope for the future. The twist at the end brought the story together nicely and will leave you feeling all warm and blissful feeling inside!



Nam is considered an ugly duckling…but she has been in love with Chan, the most popular student in school. For him, she decides to change herself in hopes that he will notice her just once. What makes this movie amazing is the realistic portrayal of first love, one that many girls can identify with. I loved Nam’s unconditional love and her confession to him was heartbreaking. Chan is loveable, too. Unlike your typical heartthrobs, he is quite very cheerful and kind. The ending was so adorable and will satisfy viewers. Sigh, I wished Thailand would make more romance instead of horror movies!

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  1. I jst watched crazy thing called love.. it was amazing.. thanks for yur list.. it helped me find such a beautiful movie…

  2. Sakura Recaps and Reviews · · Reply

    Thanks. Glad I could be helpful :)

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